Friday, December 27, 2013


- SerB states regarding old (0 battle) accounts occupying “nice” names that there most likely will be a system, that will be renaming them automatically
- apparently SerB doesn’t think that the IS-6 competition will create a flood of IS-6 tanks, like it happened with Type 59 before
- there will be all three map types (desert, summer and winter) for lowtier tanks
- Q: “How much smaller are the tanks in game than they are in real life?” A: “That depends on your screen. On a 20 meter cinema screen, it would be roughly 1:1″
- the average life span of a tank in WoT battle is cca 4 minutes, for a plane in WoWp it is cca 2 minutes, as for the classes – the longest lifespan belongs to arty, the shortest – hightier scouts
- Wargaming participating in/sponsoring the Tank Biathlon? “Not even PR department deals with such stuff, that would be GR (Government Relations) department, which is even further from the development department than PR”
- turretless tanks will not have apparently anything flying off during an ammo rack explosion
- there is no plan to hand out 2-3 perk crews in connection with historical battles, you will have to grind them yourselves
- Storm adds regarding the War Thunder damage model that something like was tested some months ago internally for World of Tanks, the tests did not yield good results (“without perspective”), but states that even such a damage model will find its fans
- historical battles will have the same game mechanics as random battles (SS: eg. no hardcore mode or oneshots)

Epic win MT's

Death To Seal Clubbers! Oh Wait...

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- there is no difference in server-client communication regardless of what class of vehicle you are playing (SS: some RU player is complaining that he gets lags only when playing arty)
- the fact 15mm BESA doesn’t have gold ammo is intentional
- 128mm on RhB WT can fully rotate because that’s how it was historically mounted
- apparently, decals of penetrations and ricochets will not be improved in the HD client, as “they are pretty even now”