Saturday, December 28, 2013

8.10 Simple Tank Icon By LaeX

8.10 Violet Sniper Scope By ZAQSTER

Skin VK7201

8.10 Colored Tanks Icons By Mixaver


- Q: “How the hell are the guns of tier 8 and 9 German Waffentr├Ągers balanced” (SS: as in, physically – so the vehicle doesn’t tip over when firing) A: “You’d have to ask engineer Hans”
- Q: “So, if the guns aren’t balanced, how the hell do you aim that thing when the hull is even a bit tilted?” A: “You’d have to ask gunner Fritz”
- historically, Chi-Ri had four types of suspensions planned: two models of Hara suspension, the Bugatti suspension and something called “blocked torsion bar” suspension. Two of those will be implemented on various hulls and we’ll think about the other two too

8.10 Soulza's Tank Icons

8.10 Automatic Fire Extinguisher By Soulza

Automatic fire extinguisher mod for WoT very useful modification allows you to save time and money (silver). Of course now you can buy automatic fire extinguisher for 20,000 silver, but why spend money when you can make automatic fire extinguisher out of the ordinary. This saves money, and it works much earlier automatic. That is, you still save HP and if you're lucky, all modules will remain intact. This provides a significant advantage over other players, and this is what we want. This modification changes the script of the game so that when the fire as soon as the first tank will lose health points normal work and eliminates fire extinguisher.

Although this may be considered illegal by some it has not been banned due to the fact it has never been released ...AS OF YET

it would be difficult to trace that you are using it anyway


8.10 Soulza's Hybrid Gun Sight's