Thursday, January 30, 2014


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- Storm confirms that the new render limit will be a 700m diameter circle (currently, it’s a box and the maximum distance of rander is 707m)
- Storm states that the new chat system will fix the bug, where during high server load periods, you don’t see your friends in friendlist as online, if they are on another server, this will however not be fixed soon
- apparently, national battles will not increase random battle waiting time (SS: if I understood correctly)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


- you will get the same punishment for teamdamage no matter how well you perform in battle (SS: as in, you will get punished the same way even if you did 12k damage)
- it’s possible premium tanks, such as Dicker Max and Churchill III will appear in historical battles
- Wargaming doesn’t know anything about Japanese post-war tanks
- Storm confirms the British voiceover, it will be pointed out in final patchnotes
- regarding the FOV change in 8.11

Skin KV-2

Skin KV-2

Skin Object 263

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


 Q: “How come you reduced the alpha to 750 when the Soviets have 750 alpha on tier 8 already?” A: “Suffer, sovietophobe!”
- national battles were implemented because “Storm wanted it”
- Q: “National battles were proposed in 2011, but back then, you said no. What changed?” A: “I got promoted”
- if the national battles prove to be imbalanced, they will be fixed
- WoWs has its own version of the engine

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Patch 8.11 Map Changes

Skin T-150

Skin IS

Skin Ke-Ni

Skin IS-4M

Skin IS-3

Skin Chi-Nu

Skin Bat Chatillon 25t Iron Man

Sunday, January 26, 2014

8.11 - Redshire Changes

So Much Fail

8.11 - Erlenberg Changes


- Storm states that there are no confirmed reports on Hidden Village FPS drops
- Storm confirms: the tier 8 Soviet premium medium candidate is the light T-54
- Storm states that the FOV changes in the 8.11 test are how it’s supposed to be – the FOV until now was “not correctly made and we got used to it”
- developers fixed the bug where some 8.10 visual camo patters (SS: notably the Soviet summer ones) look too “washed out” – he is however not sure whether this fix will make it to 8.11
- apparently, SerB believes Chi-Ri was inspired by Germans (SS: ….which is true I think, gotta ask though)
- Chi-Ri based TD in WoT? “No comment on future branch development”
- even after the 8.11 upgrade, the WoT engine will be different from the one in WoWp
- developers are not commenting on what’s going on on Chinese servers (the Chinese can actually buy the VK7201 for 200 USD or so), Chinese business model is independent on Wargaming
- SerB states, that the garage battles for tier 10 tanks only is “one of the variants” – it’s not sure yet how many tanks will be required to be in your garage for such a battle, SerB will have a look at the statistics to see, how many tanks does an average player have in garage


Saturday, January 25, 2014


- apparently, mastery badges won’t be rewarded with credits or XP (SerB: “Greed is bad”)
- SerB states that the German captured KV-1 was not equipped with an 88mm gun, but with the 75mm
- apparently, after the TD alpha nerf, their shell price will remain the same
- Q: “Did you ever consider making a “sandbox” game with “free world”?” A: “You see, we didn’t do it for students and schoolkids, who don’t do squat. We made the game for adult men, who are successful in real life and have time for only short game sessions. Students and schoolkids – go play Warcraft.”
- Q: “Why is there no US premium TD?” A: “And there has to be one according to User Agreement?”

8.10 Sniper Scope By Arturick

WW2 Photos Part 20 (tanks only)

RNG: No Comments #16.

Epic Win MT's

8.10 Sniper Scope By Andrey_Hard

8.11 Foch 155 Armor Changes

Friday, January 24, 2014


- multicore is being worked on (no ETA)
- there are “plans” for the Micromaus (38H)
- more French tanks are “very unlikely” to appear in 2014
- no plans to return Type 59 to the store
- no ETA for roaming, it’s still being discussed
- tier 10 discounts will return to EU in February
- no plans for skill MM for random battles

8.11 Supertest Vehicles

8.11 Model Changes

Thursday, January 23, 2014


- historical battles will actually resemble portal events: there will be 2-3-4 available at the same time and over time, they will change (SerB later states that the battles will return again), they will also have their unique medals
- Q: “Will there be a gift for the 1,1 mil accounts active at the same time milestone?” A: “You can give one to us, we don’t mind”
- the MM mechanism will work in national battles the same way it does in other random modes
- currently, the StuG III is too light compared to how much it weighed in real life (SS: Ausf.G that is), SerB states that if the later modification becomes an alternative hull, it will be made heavier

8.10 Hangar Tank Icons By Yatomi

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Epic Win TD's

Black Tracks For Tanks

Remodeling Pz Sfl IVc

Remodeling Pz.Sfl. V (Sturer Emil) Special Request For ahwoo

Japan Skin Pack

8.10 Tank Icons By J1mB091

8.10 Tank Icons By Mr_ALEX, MrNazar

8.10 Tank Icons By riskynet

8.10 Tank Icons By xobotyi, YHKEP

8.10 Tank Icons By RaSeven


- new US medium branch (T25E1 – T42 – T54E2 – T95E6)? SerB: “No comment on leaks and rumors as usual” (SS: yea, it’s BS)
- Q: “Will it be possible to appear with a Tiger in a national battle Soviet team?” A: “You consider us to be retards or something…”
- Q: “How come you nerfed arty instead of putting a hardcap on it?” A: “Idiotic solutions like a hardcap have no support in Wargaming – we try not to hire morons as employees”
- Q: “Why don’t you implement the option to disable 2-3 maps you don’t want to play?” A: “For the same reason as before” (SS: the official reason if I remember correctly was the fact that it would mess with MM too much)
- +/-1 MM for historical battles is not planned, SerB considers it fine for a Tiger to meet a T-34 (or for a Panzer IV to meet IS)
- the Japanese and Chinese tanks are not named in Japanese or Chinese simply because most players can’t read Japanese and Chinese
- SerB “will have a look”, whether the Chinese map “Empire’s Border” will appear on RU/EU/US too
- apparently, it’s pointless to angle your mantlet (by moving the gun up or down) in order to bounce more shots, as mantlet angling doesn’t increase the mantlet effective armor
- Q: “How do I know which tank will I able to use in historical battles?” A: “Use common sense”
- lists for specific tanks available for historical battles will exist apparently for each respective battle
- Japanese tanks too weak? “Don’t play Japanese tanks”
- apparently, historical battles (as shown before in one Russian video) will “make” you buy an entire pre-set ammo composition (SS: for example 30 AP, 5 APCR, 30 HE) for a price of the complete set
- national battles will use the same MM rules as regular battles
- SerB thinks that what Veider said about the T23 premium tank (SS: it was historically able to go backward as fast as forward) is garbage, a player later argues it was historical, but SerB states that it’s the developers who decide what is realistic in the game and that he will specifically tell Veider not to do such a thing
- Storm states that the information that he said the arty would be buffed was a hoax

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Remodeling Pz.Kpfw. III

Arty Minimap Crosshair

Copy chosen "minimap.swf" file to Games\World Of Tanks\res_mods\0.8.10\gui\scaleform\.

8.10 HD Minimaps By Locastan


- SerB states that the algorithm of the automatic server selection (during login) works so that if the best server (ping-wise) is overloaded (SS: probably like has a queue), it moves you on to the next best (ping-wise) server
- there are no plans to switch tier 9 Object 430 II and tier 10 Object 430
- 150mm (152mm) guns give your position away when firing (SS: as in, they make you lose too much camo)? “Don’t play with 150mm guns” (SS: so, apparently no buffs there)
- Object 430 won’t get the 122mm D-25T gun (Object 430U), SerB states those two tanks were quite different
- SerB states that no polls (or petitions) will make Wargaming do something: “The problem is not the amount of signatures – there will be no “game democracy” in the game unless we get visited by American bombers”

Money Make The World Go Around

Monday, January 20, 2014


- Q: “Should we await fixes of the WoT lags?” A: “As much as necessery” (SS: SerB later states that lags are generally caused not by insufficiency of WoT servers, but by ISP’s – he advises you take the Pingplotter software and communicate with your ISP to fix the issue)
- the penetration value of HE shell does not influence the damage this shell does during non-penetration hits
- SerB confirms that during peak times (high server load), servers are not exchanging the data about players being online (SS: as in, your friend plays on EU2, you on EU1 and if both servers are at their full capacity, you won’t see your EU2 friend as online in your friends list) – this is not a bug
- regarding the patch number system, SerB states they care very little about that
- SerB states that with the “Siege of Leningrad” RU server double XP event, the developers counted on the fact tons of players would be playing in order to reach the “1 million online” milestone
- the perspectives of BigWorld development are “awesome”
- the features integrated into BigWorld 3.0 will be “useful” and many of those will appear in WoT/WoWp/WoWs (SerB later adds that he can’t talk about it specifically)
- Chi-Ri turret having odd weights and armor? “Ask Japanese engineers” (explanation by leshakartoshkin: Toyama and Tokanawa are NOT actual engeneers, it’s just a joke. То яма, то канава. Refers to fictional japanese engeneers responsible for building russian roads. Or this: “Originally this joke was about a pilot from USSR, taking part in Vietnamese conflict”. Japanese joke is newer one.)

Skin's Pz.Sfl. V (Sturer Emil)

WW2 Photos Part 19 (tanks only)

Skin T54E1

Remodeling Nashorn (with crew)

Remodeling T-62А

Skin T26E4 Super Pershing


- apparently the 8.11 patch server engine upgrade has nothing to do with lags and their reduction
- “teleporting” tanks mean “transfer of the client on another platform” (SS: hell if I know what that means), SerB adds “Are you sure this has anything to do with server overload?” (SS: a player was complaining about teleporting tanks he believes are caused by server overload)
- Q: “Will the engine upgrade fix the “mythical” shell-eating issue – shells being eaten by tracks are other modules?” A: “Judging from the parentheses, you have exposed our CONSPIRACY!!!”
- Tier 8 waiting times too long? “How terrible!!!”
- it’s possible that the T95 medium tank will appear as a regular vehicle in US medium branch, SerB states there are like 6 possible modifications
- T-34-3 is doing fine statistically
- new branches in 2014? “The branches that will be implemented will not be the ones that are most ready by now, but the ones that are most popular”