Saturday, May 31, 2014

D-Day Beaches


9.1 Niurko Summer Hangar

9.1 Bat Cave Hangar


9.1 Hellinger Desert Hangar

9.1 Hellinger Winter Hangar

9.1 Thanksgiving Day Hangar

9.1 Poppy Field Hangar

9.1 Match Making


- according to Storm, further use of BigWorld engine very much has a future (SS: as in in WG games)
- it’s possible bigger maps will come, “but no promises”
- developers are not considering transferring to a different game engine, but modernizing the current one
- Storm confirms that the patch frequency is one per 1,5 months
- there will be a video showing how the WG team recorded the real tank sounds
- apparently there won’t be a third hangar for WoT

Thursday, May 29, 2014


- switching the FV4202 for the Chieftain? What will happen to FV4202? Storm: “No comment for now”
- “everything is okay” with the alleged Wargaming anti-bot program
Storm on optimization in 9.1:
“Basic optimizations were aimed at removing freezis and FPS drops on weak configurations. General game performance shouldn’t change for the general masses of players. In the second test, there will be some additional fixes: fix of the FPS drop when switching to sniper mode on medium and low terrain settings, fix of the game performance when shooting automatic guns (this was added to test 1 patchnotes by mistake, it will change only in test 2)”

9.0 Cyber Tank BOT

Storm explains the infamous “28 bots” video: “It was an staged battle after the restart of the server, where there were practically zero players online. They gathered a few people, they ran a few clients with bots and they entered the battle on the count of three. And they achieved such an effect. We banned the experimenters.”


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

9.0 Skin M103


9.0 Remodeling E-50 Anime

9.0 Remodeling E-50 M Anime


9.0 Rusty Tracks Pack

9.0 Border Troops Day Hangar


- Storm confirms that the alleged 9.2 IS-7 DPM buff promise is a photoshopped fake
- the feedback for 9.1 Test Hellcat and Jackson engine sound is very positive
- the 300 meter sound radius (changed to 600 meter in 9.1) cannot be set via editing XML files
- XP awarded for “tanking” (for potential damage)? “It’s not rumors, but I won’t give you any details”
Storm explains the infamous “28 bots” video: “It was an staged battle after the restart of the server, where there were practically zero players online. They gathered a few people, they ran a few clients with bots and they entered the battle on the count of three. And they achieved such an effect. We banned the experimenters.”
- Storm confirms there will be a second round of the test

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

150 6th Sense Icons (yes, that much)

9.0 Auto-loader Ammo Count

9.0 Battle Statistics In Office Excel Files By Zolinmaher


- Storm confirms that the 9.1 Valentine II armor change is a fix, the armor will be the same as in 8.11 (SS: apparently this got the Russians very excited for some reason)
- in 9.1 there will be no new HD models
- Province (SS: not sure about the name in English, the lowtier valley) and Widepark will not appear in high tier battles, they are too small
- the new sounds were implemented into the 9.1 test for feedback collection, it’s not yet sure whether they will appear on live server the way they are
- both the sound and the graphics correspond to the full aim circle reduction (SS: as in, both the sound and the graphic circle should show that the circle is fully aimed)
- WT E-100 150mm gun is not overnerfed

9.1 TS Clear Sky Mod



- Storm on quoting Discovery Channel (Great Tank Battles show) as a historical source: “Discovery is even more laughable than Wikipedia. My source are our historical consultants.” (SS: the question was, whether there were Tigers in Ardennes – there were a few, they didn’t fight though)
- for now, developers aren’t considering removing the rule where both sides have to have the same amount of arty (and scouts) (SS: this rule is not absolute, I think there is +/-1 tolerance)
- Storm states that when it comes to historicity of guns in World of Tanks – made up tanks (WT E-100) can have any gun that fits, historical tanks can only have guns they had in real life

Monday, May 26, 2014

9.1 Map Changes (.gif)

9.0 Skin KV-1s HD


9.0 Remodeling STB-1 «Barracuda»



- the engine sound will not be heard during the battle countdown, the vehicle will fire up after the countdown reaches 0
- of all players online, the percentage of players in queue changes, the amount of players online depends a lot on events and missions
- in the test, SU-100 guns (D-10S and D-2-5S) did not get their camo factor after shot nerfed, this will be fixed in the next round/live client
- the same gun on various tanks (unless it’s premium tanks) should not have different camo loss after shot from one another (SS: as in, for example D-10S will lose the same amount of camo factor after shooting on all tanks that carry it)
- the fact the loss of visibility after shooting for RhB was nerfed only slightly is correct

WOT Tank Viewer - Version 1.0.17 (official)

9.1 Model Changes (.gif)

28 BOT's In A Single Battle

Friday, May 23, 2014

How To Be A Lamer – A Professional Noob Guide

9.0 Skin Maus


9.0 Skin Object 704

9.0 Skin JagdTiger



- it’s not yet sure whether the aforementioned arcade/sniper mode lag fix will be there in 9.1 release
- developers are working on more optimization
- crew “not forgetting previous tank training” (SS: as in, would stay trained for tank A even when retrained for tank B) option will not be implemented, it’s not economically profitable for WG
- same goes for buying previously purchased tanks for half (selling) price
- regarding the missing sound echo (you were used to from old sounds): devs added “echo zones” so for example in closed areas the sound will echo

Monday, May 19, 2014

Epic Win MT's


- Storm admits that even “real” tank characteristics in random battles aren’t always historical
- Storm states that there are almost no bad maps in the game anymore, all of them were fixed so they are playable
- Storm confirms the premium Valentine changes leaked earlier today – the armor will be nerfed to 8.11 level because in 9.0 someone over-buffed it
- roaming has been postponed for now
- tank descriptions on minimap will come “it’s done when it’s done”
- the mod that exists and does the tank descriptions on minimap is “terrible unoptimized – we have to start from scratch”
- dynamic tank characteristics in hangar (based on what modules you have installed) will come this year
- test 9.1 will be in May (SS: possibly this week)


- some players on RU forum started spreading rumors that artillery will be removed from the game – it’s BS, won’t happen
- SerB states that generally speaking, WG always compensates the players for XP, when they make changes in any branches
- according to Overlord, World of Tanks Blitz will be released worldwide “with a substantial update” (as in, during a bigger patch)