Tuesday, September 30, 2014

9.3 Four's FPS And Performance ModPack (4.2+)

Lowest settings not enough?
Massive frame rate drops when sniping through bushes?
Game freezes when entering sniper mode?

This is with the full version:

This is with the Lite version:

9.3 White Dead Tanks By Xeideo

9.3 Lincoln Sniper Scope


9.3 Blue Sniper Scope By Andre_V


- it’s not planned to split the gun caliber and the shell actual caliber (for subcaliber shells, for the purposes of overmatch for example) because such a mechanism would be incomprehensible to players
- there will not be any “anti-medals” for bad behavior in game in order not to provoke idiots, who would collect them on purpose
- oddly enough, Storm and Yuri Pasholok are publically arguing (wut?) about sending/not sending some small things about the vehicle HD models (postwar lights on ISU-152 if I see correctly), apparently there is not a very good chain of communication between the HD modellers and historians (SS: as in, modellers ignoring feedback – I wonder if this is connected to the fact that “there might be no HD models in 9.4″)

- Veider on general LT class buff: “We didn’t scrap that. We will change the view ranges. We simply have to have a look at (new) LT’s on main servers. How did they fit in the game, if we need to fix anything and so on. Everything according to plan.”

- apparently, it’s possible to get a teamdamage/teamkill punishment from the race mode (or rather to damage your allies at all). According to developers, this (the ability to teamdamage) is not intended, it’s possible this will be removed
- some mods interfere with the new racing mod. Specifically, older versions of Gnomefather’s sounds cause the game to crash
- locked equipment on your Chaffee Sport tank will be (when the Chaffee Sport is removed) automatically and for free (no gold will be charged) removed and put to your depot at the end of the event
- the 50k XP reward is not a “free XP” reward, it will be transferred to the T1
- the Chaffee race mode is checked for bots strictly (on RU server at least), inactive players and bots will be banned
- the fact that exploding barrels do not deal damage in the Chaffee race is intentional – developers tested it, it wasn’t good with damage
- the fact the crew gets moved to the barracks does NOT mean you will get extra free barracks slots, if your barracks are full, the crew will simply stay as “extra” and as soon as a space frees itself by moving the barracks crew to a tank for example, the crew will occupy it
And a couple of interesting points from today’s leak about skill MM (for those who did not read it):
- on RU server, only 7 percent of players has below 47 percent winrate, 77 percent of players has winrate between 48 and 52 percent
- the “do you want skill MM” poll was sent to 200k players in total, results will apparently be known in November
- Hidden Village is scheduled for a rework (SS: told you so)
- map Stalingrad is planned
- the Bigworld engine is in apparently for an overhaul (SS: they call it “engine upgrade”, it’s possible that the developers here refer to Havok or new motion physics, but maybe other graphic features as well)
- apparently, something called “Black Forest” is planned (likely a new map, sounds interesting)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

BOT Or Idiot Experiment (part 3)

Just idiots or just bad BOT's ?
Just idiots ?
Just bad BOT's ?
Poll Maker

9.3 Enemy Direction And Reload (fixed/tested by BrondoThirstMutilator)

YES, it's forbidden !!!

9.3 Gun Sight Size Mod

Not a magical mod, just it makes your sight smaller.

9.3 OTM Reload By Johnda

YES, it's forbidden!!!

9.3 Chameleon Mod

YES, it's forbidden!!!

9.3 ZorroJan HackPack

YES, it's full of forbidden mods !!!

T - sniper scope for arty
E - sniper scope block
Q - aimBOT
G - free camera
Y - arty scope for tanks and TD's

9.3 OTM Reload By LSDMAX

YES, it's forbidden !!!

9.3 Lasers By ProstoNoob

YES, its forbidden !!!

9.3 OTM Enemy Reload

YES, it's forbidden !!!

9.3 Arty Sight For Tanks, Sniper Scope For SPG's, Free Camera By Pical

Installation : Put scripts folder from the archive on this path: res_mods \ 0.XY \, where 0.XY - the current version number of the game.

Use: Sniper scope ACS included either the mouse wheel (in the absence of fashion NoScroll), or by pressing T (the default). Deactivated as a Shift'om. Art-sight on tanks and Tank Destroyers button switch Y (default). Deactivated as a Shift'om. Free camera turns into the fight of arcade sight or after "death." Also works in replays after clicking the left mouse button. The power button by default: G. Disable - as well.

Management: WSAD + mouse. Q, E (as well as the mouse wheel) - change in the height of the camera. Travel speed is adjusted using I and K. Also preset travel speed can be selected using the buttons 1, 2, ..., 9, 0 (on the main keyboard). X - on / off motion parallel to the ground. More information about the free camera control buttons located under File avatar_input_handler.xml. 

Setting: The setting is made in the file cammodcfg. Make changes to the file can be built-in Windows Notepad, AkelPad, Notepad ++. If the parameter is not NoFreeCamera is "0", free camera is not activated when you press the hotkey. 

9.3 Xft' DamagePanel + Integrated Hitlog v0.10

9.3 Received Damage Announcer v2.4 (thanks to Jeno)

9.3 OMC Mod Pack


9.3 Color Messages And Session Stats By Locastan

9.3 Kodos Mod Pack

9.3 Border Visibility Mod


- the loss of penetration depends on actual distance the shell travels in the game. If you are aiming at a vehicle 500 meters from you and another tanks drives in your line of fire less than 100 meters from you and you hit him, the shell will use the 100 meter penetration for the check.
- crew “memory” (keeping the training for the tanks the crew was trained for before) is not planned
- since 0.8.6 (its introduction), the accuracy mechanism was not changed
- Yurko2F on shell flight velocity: “The shell velocity is calculated along the trajectory line from the start to the impact point. Nothing is calculated in advance.”

Friday, September 26, 2014

9.3 Compressed Textures

9.3 Red Ball Mod (found by Lone_Ranger)


9.3 Damage Panel 1.3.4 Int Centered And Vanilla By Locastan

9.3 Riskynet's Colored Contour Icons

9.3 Jackhammer's Icon Contour Mod

9.3 MultiLined Tank Carousel v1.5.1

9.3 Fallen Trees And Destroyed Objects On Minimap (huge thanks to Lone_Ranger for finding this and testing)


9.3 YasenKrasen Coloured Messages + Session Statistics

Version 1 English Mediafire Dropbox
Version 2 English Mediafire Dropbox
Version 3 English Mediafire Dropbox
Vanilla English Mediafire Dropbox
Alternative In-game battle messages (Skulls) English Mediafire Dropbox

9.3 XVM Updater

9.3 RVT Vertical Tech Tree By ReConnaisance


9.3 MeltyMap's MathMod


9.3 J1mB0's Crosshair Mod


Thursday, September 25, 2014

9.3 WoT Tweaker Plus

9.3 Battle Assistant (for arty commanders)

Changes the way how arty "looks" at targets. The camera is now set on the top of the trajectory.



After pressing SHIFT (usual key for arty scope) press G.