Friday, October 31, 2014


- apparently, Lowe armor is fine (won’t be buffed)
- by the end of third campaign, M60, VK7201 and Object 907 will not be ready in HD
- the HD model for IS-3 will be IS-3 Model 1945, not the modernized version (IS-3M)
- developers are working on new engine sounds
- after the ramming changes of 9.4, the cases where tanks just bump to one another and one of them rapidly loses 1 hitpoint should be considerably less common

Happy Halloween Tankers

Found this on Google+ Marvel Peterson, his son made this. I'll just say WOW...

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Havok In WoT


- in 9.5, Sherman Firefly will be researchable from Sherman III and Sherman III from Grant (SS: the connection between new/old branches will be Valentine to Archer)
- it’s possible Churchill Gun Carrier will lose the 32pdr gun and will drop to tier 5
- Q: “Back in the day, it was possible to always find a strategy 1vs1″ A: “In +/-3 MM as well?”
- in 9.5, Challenger and Avenger will be mixed into one vehicle. It’s possible those vehicles will exist as separate hulls, when alternative hulls are implemented.
- FV4004 Conway has “frontal armor roughly like a Centurion”, only the FV4005 has paper armor

9.3 Anime Skin Pack

Lorraine 40t, T26E4 SuperPershing, AMX 50 100, T57 Heavy Tank, FCM 50t, T30

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


- Q: “Noone needs FV4005 when it will oneshot everything!” A: “How terrible!”
- apparently, in 9.5 (with the introduction of FV4005), FV215b (183) will be rebalanced (SS: according to hints, made slower and more armored)
- for now, it’s not sure whether FV4005 will have a fully rotating turret
- right now, modellers are working on HD models for cca 150 tanks
- HD maps are also being worked on

Wednesday, October 22, 2014



WW2 Photos Part 50 (tanks only)

9.4 Sound Stolen By WG ?!?

Valentine Tank Pulled From A Swamp In Poland

9.3 Map Load Screen

9.3 In Game Efficiency Calculator By PiJey77

9.3 History Crew Icons


- War Thunder sounds being better than WoT 9.4 sounds? Storm: “There’s no ‘impact’, ‘density’ or ‘bass’ in their sounds.”
- for now, there is no ETA for “XP for tanking” (SS: keep in mind that it takes an entire patch cycle just to collect proper data, so it’s possible that it won’t appear in 9.5 either)
- Storm states that the new sounds will not come for everyone, but as a downloadable mod pack, the way ultra HD textures were in 9.3, this mod will come in 9.4
- it is confirmed that no other server than ASIA will get a Type 59 on sale (thanks to Not_Me for this info), EU will apparently get some other exclusive tank on sale in December

Sunday, October 19, 2014

BOT Or Idiot Experiment (part 7) (hude THANKS to Dreamer_deceiver for hunting down some of the "people" here)

Just idiots or just bad BOT's ?
Just idiots ?
Just bad BOT's ?
Poll Maker

9.4 Model Changes (.gif)



- Stalingrad will come “soon”, it will be in the next test round (9.4 test 2)
- apparently, the IS-7 gun model is still SD (developers didn’t manage to get a proper model for 9.4)
- developers are currently collecting statistics in order to implement the XP for tanking
- Storm is aware of the bug on 9.4, where shells fly through tanks, he will investigate
- the feedback on the new gun sounds is “contradictory”, according to Storm – half of players really likes it, half hates it
- the fact that some tanks were paper only or prototypes does not mean they will automatically be reworked to HD after existing vehicles

Thursday, October 16, 2014

BOT Or Idiot Experiment (part 6)

Just idiots or just bad BOT's ?
Just idiots ?
Just bad BOT's ?
Poll Maker

9.3 AIM Hack Pack

YES, it's full of forbidden mods...

Whats in the hack pack:

- Lasers
- Enemy contours
- Destroyed objects on the minimap
- Enemy reload on the minimap
- Tracer start position
- Gun direction on the minimap
- Redball
- Enemy indicator beyond visibility range
- Tundra
- Safe Shot
- Tracers
- AIMBot

9.3 Zayaz Battle Interface


9.3 Smiper And Arty Scope By Zayaz, MR_TEZ


9.3 Remodeling M4A3E8 Sherman Fury


- in the new patch of WoWp, there is an option to select the hangar you want. It’s unclear whether this will come to WoT as well
- the accuracy (hit) distribution (within aim circle) “won’t be possible to be called normal from mathematical point of view, the chance for a hit to the edges of the circle will be extremely small”, the distribution will apparently be reworked
- Storm states that when it comes to mobility, the Fury is similiar to the current M4A3E8 due to improved terrain resistance

Tuesday, October 14, 2014




- developers confirm that this T 55A armor model is correct
- T 55A armor is “almost full copy of elite T-54″, with the differences being in the rear hull and the fact it is missing second the second cupola on the roof
- T-44-85 150mm penetration sufficient for tier 7 premium? “That was with the introduction of fake shells.” (SS: heh I was wondering whether the 150mm magical Soviet shells are fake – and yea, seems so)

Friday, October 10, 2014

9.3 Penetration Indicator By lportii

This will show you how much more penetration do You have at the aim point.

Unpack and copy to res_mods\0.9.3\scripts\client\mods

9.3 Neon Icons By Don_Pehot_Povelitel_Rot

9.3 Miku Hangar By TaLLIePO


- shells for one gun can be of different design based on the year they were introduced in (SS: SerB, justifying why APCR shells for certain guns are much more expensive than the regular shells, I think he just misunderstood the question)
- new perks will arrive at the same time the old perks are reworked
- the T28 Concept does not mean the Scorpion will not arrive
- Havok will be used in the beginning only to render the destruction of buildings and objects. After that will come the realistic destruction of tank equipment (boxes etc.), but not soon.
- realistic track behavior and new movement physics is not related in any way to Havok
- IS-3 in HD will not come in 9.4
- apparently, the QA answer about last elements of Bigworld being removed from World of Tanks soon was false according to Storm
- M6A2E1 will not be reworked to HD this year

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

9.3 ProTanki Mod Pack (English version included)

9.3 In Ears HP

This mod is affecting FPS in a very bad way.

9.3 Arty Minimap

9.3 Ingame Player Rating From Wargaming API With No XVM

9.3 ZX Lite Sniper Scope By Marsoff

World of Tanks Cheating – Aimbot

Just follow the link pls, great article by SilentStalker once more.


- Storm confirms that the Sixth Sense rework (its transfer to the radioman, activated when radioman training hits 100 percent) will happen in medium future (SS: that usually means cca 6 months)
- developers considered removing Sixth Sense completely, but decided not to do it, because it would break current gameplay too much
- there are no specific statistics of the lifetime effect of Sixth Sense perk, as it was introduced very long time ago

Monday, October 6, 2014

How We Would Like Hack Pack's To Work

9.3 Something Was Hit By Yzangard

YES, it's forbidden...

Enemy just disappeared and you want to know did you hit him.

9.3 DirectionBox By LSDMAX

YES, it's forbidden...

The good part: the enemy indicator is RED when the enemy tank is in direct view. The indicator is GREEN if the enemy tank is NOT in direct view (behind an obstacle).

9.3 SpawnPoint Mod By drhideg

Not sure, but consider it forbidden...

During map loading this will show you your spawn point on the map.

9.3 A_N_T_I_S_E_R_B V-6 Hack Pack By MAKSIM_US

9.3 Nooben Hit Zones

9.3 History Tank Crew Icons By Relvin


9.3 Female USA Tank Crew Icons

9.3 South Coast Hangar

9.3 Load Wheel


- most players of World of Tanks are between 28 and 35 years old
- 95 percent of game time spent in World of Tanks by players is spent in random battles
- from the start, more than 150 thousand clans registered in WoT on RU server alone (it’s more than 200k overall)
- on RU server, cca 32 percent of players are in clan
- Stronghold mode was introduced for that 32 percent (easy to understand mode not for hardcore)
- currently, developers are working on improved clan UI
- the option of attacking other strongholds will come in October
- developers are planning to introduce mercenaries from “allied clans” in stronghold mode (not only clanless players)