Sunday, November 30, 2014

9.4 AutoAim By fkzcrf (generation 4.1 aimbot) Updated 30.11.14. Contains 3 Versions

9.4 SquadTeam

YES, this is forbidden...

This works only if you are in a platoon or in a CW battle.
Well, you wanted a mod that allows you to see beyond the max render range ? This will allow you to just that. If your team mates see the enemy the mod will allow you to see it too.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

9.4 Kellerman Gun Sight With Armour Indicator

9.4 Tracers 6 Versions (yes, again)

YES, it's forbidden...

9.4 Load Wheel


- Storm confirms that the new minimap in 9.5 will display places where enemy tanks were spotted last time
- apparently, the faces of the female crew include Ola, Asya (another WoT “celebrity”), Knopka (infamous RU developer, can’t remember why people hated her) and some developer from WoWp

Friday, November 28, 2014

AimBots By G

We all know him from the comment section.

Some of us got badly outplayed by him in WoT.

Known here at PKWOT as just "G".

The unicum view on how things work in WoT.

WW2 Photos Part 52 (tanks only)

9.4 X-Ray (100th version)

YES, it's forbidden...

On/Off - Numpad 1

9.4 AutoAim By fkzcrf (generation 4.1 aimbot)

YES, it's forbidden...


- viewrange indicator will be added to the minimap, but not complete viewrange circle, it would only confuse newbies and noobs by sheer minimap overload
- render range won’t be added to minimap either
- ISU-130 will be a special tank for moderators
- Storm confirms that the leaked supertest tank list is not complete (light tanks are missing)
- viewrange nerf will come “much later” than 9.5: “noone promised it for 9.5, we are only experimenting”

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

9.4 Zabor_broken (broken_destructible V2)

YES, it's forbidden...

9.4 Glass Box Skin

YES, it's forbidden...


- Q: “Why does IS-4 have its historical gun, the D-25T, which is a joke on tier 10, while other tanks do not have such an alternative gun?” A: “There are already enough tanks in the game with “joke” guns”
- Q: “The missions for Object 260 are too tough and there will be a lot of rigging” A (SerB): “I am already dreaming of how much butthurt will there be as a result of bans for rigging :)”
- Q: “Will you add bonux XP to tanks with more than 1000 battles?” A (SerB): “…and how about for simply downloading a client, we unlock all the tanks, give you all the premium ones along with a jar of jam and a bag of cookies?”

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Alpinist Maus (or, how to get to crazy locations)


9.4 Four's FPS And Performance ModPack (5.3+)

Full version:

9.4 GTO's Penetration Marker


This will display a cross every time you penetrate someone. 

E-25 Mortal Kombat


- Maus in the game has the armor it had in real life (WG measured the real vehicle)
- apparently, IS-7 armor is historical (SS: some players claim otherwise, Storm disagrees)
- Storm states that the mod that displays what type of shell penetrated you and by whom will be dealt with by reducing the amount of data about the shot, that reaches the client
- yesterday, Storm stated that the new Bigworld version is the reason for the delay of render range being reworked to a circle. Now he adds that the new motion physics were reworked for the same reason – the first thing WG wants to do is to integrate new BW and after that comes everything else. Otherwise they’d be buried under an avalanche of bugs.
- developers are working on Havok, but Storm states that unfortunately, Havok is delayed by the performance drops it causes. They are working on it.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Maus 107 km/h

9.4 Direction Box

YES, its forbidden...

Taken from LSDMAX, cleaned, no server lag...

9.4 Received Damage Announcer

9.4 Defoliator

YES, it's forbidden...


- Storm states that the new ramming mechanism was introduced in 9.4, because “the old one was very badly bugged”
- Storm confirms that the mission to get the Object 260 will be multi-stage and it will be very difficult to get it
- a lot of players (even on EU server) reported a garage bug, where the camera suddenly zooms out very far, Storm states he knows about it, it will be fixed
- Soviet tier 8 premium medium T-54 Model 1945 will come next year
- Havok: “when it’s done it’s done”
- it will be possible to get all three IM reward tanks (Object 260, T55A and T28 Concept) on your account

9.4 Simple Damage Panel

9.4 Load And Result Screen

Sunday, November 16, 2014


- there are 11 new tanks in 9.5, because there will be two tier 5′s and two tier 6′s (5: Sherman, Archer, 6: Firefly and Achilles)
- tier 10 British MT will not be replaced in 9.5
- Evilly confirms that the 9.5 branch will bring Archer, Charioteer (on tier 8) and Firefly
- tier 10 in 9.5 will be “quite mobile and agile” vehicle FV4005
- 9.5 will bring new Individual Missions (missions of various difficulties with tanks as rewards)
- the IM tanks include T28 Concept, T-55A and Object 260

Saturday, November 15, 2014

SerB Explaining New Game Mods

WW2 Photos Part 51 (tanks only)

9.4 AutoTarget_XYZ

YES, it's forbidden...

Use the numpad keys to cycle autoaim points...

9.4 Modification Destructible (Build 0029.3)

YES, it's forbidden...

9.4 Gun Marker Size

9.4 The Imperium Of Man Hangar By DoRoDo

9.4 Tank Carousel Filter

9.4 In Ears HP Bar



- SU-76i was removed because it was too strong (gun, viewrange)
- the main reason to use CW reward tanks in battles is the fact they are unique, that’s why it’s alright they are a bit weaker than regular tier 10′s
- the damage difference between AP and HE shells is purely a balance decision
- buff of old LT’s to match them to the new 9.3 ones? “If necessery of course.”
- night battles in WoT? “WoT players have a very poor understanding of what a night battle is”
- apparently, there’s yet another nasty bug in 9.4 – in it, players with premium account are awarded the same amount of XP as with regular account, or actually LESS (visible on thisscreenshot, lower right corner). Storm: “Oh fuck…”