Tuesday, December 23, 2014

9.5 Four's FPS And Performance Mod Pack (6.1+)

Full version:

Lite version:

-Massive FPS boost
-Significant loading time decrease. 
-No smoke or explosions means no lag when getting shot at or firing. 
-No lag drops when entering sniper mode.
-Smooth fps when looking through bushes and tree clusters
-Mod has no executables or python scripts.

6.1 Full version
Definitive compressed textures. Might replace with further compressed textures in the future. 

Four's FPS 6.1 Lite
Small an effective!


  1. It will be cool if you add a little description about how to install it and etc..

    1. UPDATE:
      No worries, found how... Will share it here for people who don't know..
      How to install:
      -Download the compressed file.
      -Open the compressed file.
      -Extract the contents of the mod file into your res_mods folder. The resulting path should be res_mods/9.5/spaces for example.
      -Overwrite all files when asked.

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    1. Kliknes na source link, imas skoro celu stranu opisa...

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    1. Click on 'source link'.