Saturday, December 27, 2014

9.5 KABAN Hack Pack

YES, it's full of forbidden stuff...

Whats inside:

1. Python log cleaned
2. Online clan mod
3. Something was hit mod
4. Carousel filter
5. Latest version of XVM
6. Lasers with penetration probability
7. Vanga aimBOT (NumPad 5)
8. Automatic med-kit, repair-kit, fire extinguisher
9. Shadows mod
10. X-Ray
11. Ingame efficiency
12. Removed destructible objects on maps
13. Red Ball
14. Red Poll
15. Auto Equip
16. Sniper scope for arty (button Y), arty mods for regular tanks (button U), free camera (button P)
17. OTM enemy reload
18. Danger indicator
19. Tundra (button F2)
20. Direction box
21. White dead tanks
22. Smart minimap
23. Safe shot
24. Radial menu
25. 25% Hit Zone Skins
26. 30x Zoom
27. Fog and smoke remover
28. Anti vibration gun sight
29. Simple sky
30. Smart Hit log
31. Tracers


  1. Too russian everything. I want to download just 1-2 mods not the all.

    1. Remove TEXT folder - then it will be in Your language...

  2. Download limit exceeded :(

    1. enjoy

  3. Any details pls on what each of those mods do, if they work or not and also how to activate/work with them? Thanks!

    1. Dumb people like you SHOULDN'T be playing wot! PLS uninstall!

    2. konju glupi ...

  4. The most interesting Mod here is the Lasers with penetration probability. I am going to try to extract the files implement them independently. If I can't extract the files, I'll just review the whole package just to see the lasers work. It looks like fun. It seems to be a large file so hope I can get it. Wish me luck, I'll report what I find


  5. So here's my thoughts:

    The download was 5 minutes.

    The new laser file:
    The new file is Laserline and replaces the LSR.pyc file in Resmods, scripts , client, mods
    Also replace the resmods, objects file, as those files usually correspond.
    So extracting the files is tricky but doable even but a novice like me.

    The lasers appears to be colors Green, yellow and red.
    In the past those colors also appears but I didn't know what they meant.
    But Green lasers appear to be non-penetrating guns, yellow is marginally penetrating guns and red is well, the saying goes: When you're red ... you're dead! So if you can see 4 red lasers pointing at you: the hiding place you are in, is not working out. So beware the red lasers!

    Old laser mods may well have worked that way, but this is this fist time I have made the color connection. See: even cheating is complicated.


  6. download limit is exceeded.

  7. unable the download document!!! bravo

    1. Well, just register on Yandex (same as hotmail, gmail etc but for the RU region) and download the damn thing. There is no way in hell I will reupload 1.1 gigs.

    2. fuck Yandex, agressive, shit program!!!

    3. Yandex is NOT a program...
      But since you know everything, go and figure this one by your self.

  8. yup piss program.

    1. Yandex is not a program FFS !!!
      What the hell are you clicking on ?