Thursday, December 25, 2014

9.5 Soulza's Mod Pack V.2

YES, it's forbidden...

-updated pmod to latest version
-updated tec tree tank icons to include new tanks
-added latest nightly build of xvm
-added arty spotted/lost/dead in to the players panels
-added calculator in garage mod
-changed dead tank icon on minimap
-sorted problem with black screen on battle loading
-ctd should now stop for some users
-animated sixth sense added with sound
-added my speedtree mod removes trees and bushes
-my own damage panel
-warlance last position
-tank outlines
-custom hp bar
-wn8 calculator
-my own gun sights
-tracers for arty and gold rounds
-mav's no fog
-custom cap circle
-custom flag
-advanced crew skill mod
-fully working pmod with all zooms,stats etc.
-skip intro
-extended repair mod(spacebar)
-auto equip in hanger
-destructables on minimap
-enemy reload in otms
-enemy direction indicator
-custom battle loading screen
-custom stats screen
-custom after battle screen
-custom xvm


  1. Is this modpack safe to use?
    because i see some ilegal mods in the pack like destructables on minimap and enemy reload

    1. Well, that's kinda sad, but is there a "legal" version without those mods?

  2. пт всем! мод не плохой нужны шрифты для этого мода. Plazma Кекс скинь шрифты!

    1. Regiter here:
      Ask for Spoter, he is Russian, also one of the guys helped with this mod, he will have all the answers.

  3. твой сайт огонь!++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  4. Which file to edit battle screen? So much info I can't see enemy tanks LOL

    1. You will need to ask the author here::
      You will need to register, but it's a great place to ask anything and get the best mods.