Saturday, December 27, 2014

9.5 Tweaked engine_config.xml To Fix Micro-Freezes

The aim of this tweak is to eradicate the battle micro freezes caused by textures/sounds/effects/etc on the fly load. With this tweak everything will be preloaded during the battle loading stage.

This will increase your battle loading times, RAM and GPU RAM usage. Hint: defrag the partition where WoT is installed to optimize loading times.

How to install:
Unpack the rar file into your WoT folder overwriting the existing file.

How to uninstall:
Delete res\engine_config.xml and rename res\original_engine_config.xml to res\engine_config.xml.


  1. geile idee,ich werd das sofort mal testen!!!
    danke plazma

  2. thx for the comment ... can you do in engl. pls? is working or not? :P

  3. SIR!
    after 32 games with different tanks,different times i playd,different servers,...microlags/microfreeze was reduzed a litle.
    and my guess is,it works better with WoTTweakerPlus.095 and with option PRELOAD SOUNDS enabled and in case you have a geforce graficcard,goto the driveroption and look for:
    This also reduce microlags,and also reduce loadingtimes to.
    SSD (solid state drives) harddisc is much better for wot,specialy to fix the most microlag problems.
    defrag for ssd dont have any effect,and can reduce the lifespan of your disc!
    Result for reduce microlags/microfreeze problems is:
    Install this modded file & replace your old.
    Use WoTTweakerPlus.095 and enable option: PRELOAD SOUNDS.
    Only for nvidia graficcards:
    Use a SSD harddisc.
    Disable your Swapfile from your windows,but only for systems with more then 4GB of ram.
    This force your windows to keep all loaded data in ram,ram is a lot faster as a normal harddisc.
    Start-execute-regedit-DisablePagingExecutive set to 1 .
    This are the most & in my eyes the best methods to fight against verry small lags in wot.
    My microlags was reduced of 50% or more!
    Wot dont have a good programmed engine,and thats why its sometimes so laggy so there is nothing you can do about,also the server are to many times overloaded.
    Game engines like example Call of Duty always running extremely fast on each system,without any lags or problems,this shows how bad wot engine is.
    Hope i could help a litle :D

    1. now you talking ;) , thx mate !

  4. Crap ! Use it and you will have CTDs all 5-10 fights. Modder with skill knows why ...

  5. CTD?
    crash to desktop?
    yes thats true,since the use of this file i have every +-10 games a crash to dektop.
    Didnt know why but now thanks for your info kriegstreiber!
    Can you explain why this file leads to crashes?

  6. it's not this file, I think it's 9.5 - been getting regular CTD's both with a clean res_mods and with recent mods loaded.

  7. also true
    9.5 seem to crash & freeze much more then 9.4 was.
    and yes,not a single mod used and it freeze at map loading screens,lags & crash to desktops to!
    trash game from trash peoples from trash country with trash brains!!!!

  8. I don't think it's 9.5 per se; I've been CTDing every battle to every 3rd battle, usually loading into a map - Honestly, I think it's the last nVidia driver pack. I reverted to older and CTD's happen a little less frequently, but still happen. Nothing in the application or system logs, a few errors in the game logs but nothing that'd indicate a cause of a CTD. Maybe there's an invalid statement in one of the configs somewhere? I tried looking, but have no idea what I'm looking for.... I can't even find where to set shadercache to on. I'm a n00b.