Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Epic Win TD's

AT-15 Tier 8 Tank Destroyer

WW2 Photos Part 17 (tanks only)

8.10 Aslain's XVM Mod v3.1.26 (31.12.2013)

8.10 Skins For Railroad Car's

8.10 MeltyMap's MathMod


- regarding the New Years Eve, SerB wrote: “By the way, I really don’t recommend skiing downhill with bengal fire in each hand – you can’t see shit beyond the circle of light (5 meters). It’s scary.”
- SerB, regarding the hydraulic suspension in WoT: “That’s a pretty rough and complex rework of game mechanics (that doesn’t concern only clearance), so for now no comment” (SS: earlier, Storm confirmed the variable suspension for E-10 will come)
- apparently SerB will keep answering questions in the RU topic as much as he can
- apparently the STB-1 height in the game is correct
- premium Sexton better than the regular one? The difference between them is “a complex of characteristics”