Thursday, January 2, 2014

8.10 Tank Icons By Druid, PolluxKer

8.10 GIQUR’S Contour Icons

8.10 HARDicons By Andrey_Hard


- askold claims that the HD client will be kept separate from from the “regular” client. Storm actually adds that this might partially be the case: there will be one client, but the HD textures and HD models pack (since only a part of the playerbase is expected to use it) will be issued as a separate patch and not everyone will have to download it (SS: reasonable, as only a minority of the playerbase probably has a computer to actually run it)
- T95E6 will (as confirmed before) be a special tank for clanwars (clans)
- SU-76i and Ke-Ni Otsu will be regular premium tanks
- tier 10 TD nerf: alpha will be reduced from 850 to 750 and compensated by increased ROF (SS: this has been somewhat confirmed before), askold claims that the TD’s will also get aim time nerf, accuracy when moving nerf and maybe maneuverability nerf, maybe even an aim nerf, none of that was however confirmed
- a lot of maps will be reworked, the following maps will be Prussia, Minsk and Kharkov (SS: this was also confirmed before)