Monday, January 6, 2014

8.10 Minimalistic White Gun Scopes By HanuJlbHuk_SerBa

8.10 Neon Tank Icons

If you are not using XVM, you will need this file to remove the mirroring effect.

Skin KV-1S Anime

Skin KV-1 Anime

Skin T110E3 Anime

Skin KV-2 Anime

Remodeling Hetzer

8.10 Day/Night Mod By Saprpavel

8.10 Effective Armour Calculator (from MeltyMap's MathMod)

Track's For IS/KV Line

Skin Lorraine 40 t

Remodeling Type 97 Chi-Ha

Skin Sturer Emil


- not all tracks act as 30mm thick spaced armor (SS: the 30mm part is wrong, tracks have various thickness)
- Israel tanks will apparently not appear in EU tree (SerB: “Israel is in Asia, or did I learn geography wrong?”)
- Merkava Mk.I will not apparently appear in WoT
- Object 279 will not appear in WoT. Yuri Pasholok states that they actually thought about it at one point, but found out, that ALL the publications have its model (projections) wrong. And to go to Kubinka (or wherever the prototype is) and to measure it by hand is expensive and ineffective use of labor, according to Yuri Pasholok
- apparently, prototype Maus (early Maus concept) had even thicker armor than the Maus itself and had 128mm L/70 planned, according to Yuri Pasholok
- apparently, Yuri Pasholok is cooperating personally with kit companies (specifically Bronco and Miniart and their SU-152 model) to make their models more historical
- Storm on incoming T10 TD nerf: their DPM will generally be kept, but their alpha will be lower. Jagdpanzer E-100 will remain the same, T110E4 will get its alpha reduced, but will recieve a ROF buff

Mav's Ultra Fog Remover

With the new effects engine in WoT 8.10, most of the updated fog removers don't seem to remove fog from the edges of the map, beyond the red border. This pack removes that as well. Some have told me that it helps with fps, but I can't guarantee your experience will be the same. I can however guarantee that this removes more fog than any other fog remover I've seen so far. :)

To install, just extract the 0.8.10 folder into your res_mods directory.