Thursday, January 9, 2014

8.10 Color Messages and Session Stats By Locastan


- both penetration and damage of shells are decided separately and independently, that’s the reason why high-pen shells don’t do more damage to targets with thin armor
- SerB states that it’s not true that when hitting thin armor, a shell retains more of its kinetic energy and thus it does more damage
- SerB states that the bot-detecting system is working
- not everything will be destructable in the new physics system (SS: for example bridges won’t be)
- IS-6 has not become the most numerous tier 8 heavy tank after the New Year event
- LT role on city maps, according to SerB: “recon, scouting and raiding the rear”
- in historical battles, the vehicles fighting Tiger II will be just like in real life: T-34/85, SU-100, IS and ISU-152 (“as many as it is necessery”)
- there will not be “multi-stage” historical battles (SS: as in, players starting on lower tiers and spawning with higher tier vehicles)
- Soviet vehicles without 122mm guns fighting Tiger II’s and Ferdinands in historical battles? “Oskin managed to do it somehow even without a 122mm gun”
- improving sky textures has low priority

Remodeling Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger

Epic Win MT's

Epic Win TD's

Nashorn - Tank Review

Skin T71 (8 models)

Skin T69 (7 models)

Remodeling T54E1 (7 models)

Remodeling T32

Remodeling Т57 Heavy

Skin Tiger I

Skin Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai

Track Skins

Skin Chi-Nu Anime


- you end up on one map too often? “Conspiracy!” (SS: Conspiracy my ass, ever since Christmas half of my battles are fucking Erlenberg, I hate that map already)
- it’s possible non-European (Brazilian, Argentinian) tanks that don’t fit any branch will appear in the game (Q: “How will you implement them?” A: “Electronically” (SS: as in, “bits and bytes”))
- it’s possible more autoloader branches will come (Q: “Which nations will they be for?” A: “For those that need it”)
- vehicle tier does not influence choice of the maps you are getting (SS: apart from the cases where maps are limited to low tiers only)