Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Razer Game Booster Performance Boosting

Epic Win MT's

Skin AMX AC Mle1948 Anime

Skin STB-1 Anime

Skin STB-1 Anime

Remodeling IS-3

Skin E-50 Ausf.M Anime

Skin M24 Chaffee

Remodeling T-34-3

8.10 Damage Panel By Dellux, 7serafim7 & coldrabbit

6th Sense Lamps


- some vehicles (like the FCM 50t) have visibly lower quality of some parts of the model (in this case, tracks). The reason for that is that currently, the maximum amount of polygons per model is limited and sometimes there’s just not enough
- improved Prokhorovka (SS: see earlier leak post) is work in progress, it will not appear in 8.11, maybe it will in 9.0
- Windstorm map (SS: modelled apparently after Trondheim) will appear in 8.11
- the Windstorm map is the same map Storm referred to as “Norwegian/Swedish map”
- the guns on the Prokhorovka map (if I understand it correctly) will be German
- the new Prokhorovka is not made for HD-client yet

Super Test Screen Shoots