Thursday, January 16, 2014


- SerB statest that his position on tank transmission causing fires in WoT has not changed
- the main reason WoT actually has draws and not just wins/losses is the “game session prolonging”.
- apprently the occasional cases of tanks getting stuck on walls and terrain won’t be fixed anytime soon
- the bugs mentioned above will be fixed in second stage of the physics improvement, because a part of these issues will be fixed by the new (HD) tank models
- Chinese and Japanese will not take part in national battles
- roaming is being tested and polished
- the Foch 155 armor was changed to correspond to these schematics, specifically the sides, rear and the roof was changed (the roof is thinner), the range-finder got nerfed too
- DPM of Object 268 will also be changed (SS: as in nerfed)

Skin M53/M55 Anime

Skin M36 Slugger Anime


- Q: “Did you take into account that in historical battles of Tigers vs T-34, everyone will want to play the Tigers? I will play only Tigers, because playing T-34 would lower my player statistics (less kills and more deaths).” A (SerB): “Of course we did – such smart players will wait until the end of time :) And by that you won’t improve your statistics, eh? :)” (SS: what SerB probably means is that the “Tiger” queue will be very, very long)
- regarding the question above, when asked, whether this will not reduce the popularity of historical battles: “Some battles, yes. We do not care.”