Friday, January 17, 2014

Load Wheel

Краб - Crab
Олени - Deer's

Cap Circle Color (4 versions)





8.10 Free Camera Mod From Edrard

This mod allows you to use free camera during replays.

How to use it:

1. Play the replay as usual (double click on the replay files).
2. Wait for the countdown to finish.
3. After the countdown press left mouse button to activate free cam mod.
4. Press Caps Lock + F3 to detach camera from the tank.
    SHIFT + N - on/off reticle.
    W S D A - to move the camera.
    Q, D + mouse wheel - moving camera up and down.
    INSERT, DELETE - zoom in/out.
    V - battle interface.
    1,2,3, etc - camera flight speed.
    P - smooth flight.
    X - camera is moving parallel to ground, maintaining same altitude.
    C - focus on one point.
    Caps Lock + Z - OTM markers

 *IMPORTANT: this mod will distort the avatar_input_handler.xml, so beckup it. When finished with replays just copy avatar_input_handler.xml back.

8.10 Tank Souls

Epic Win MT's

8.10 Peqpepu Icons 1.T.0.8.10

8.10 Peqpepu Icons 1.T.0.8.10