Saturday, January 25, 2014


- apparently, mastery badges won’t be rewarded with credits or XP (SerB: “Greed is bad”)
- SerB states that the German captured KV-1 was not equipped with an 88mm gun, but with the 75mm
- apparently, after the TD alpha nerf, their shell price will remain the same
- Q: “Did you ever consider making a “sandbox” game with “free world”?” A: “You see, we didn’t do it for students and schoolkids, who don’t do squat. We made the game for adult men, who are successful in real life and have time for only short game sessions. Students and schoolkids – go play Warcraft.”
- Q: “Why is there no US premium TD?” A: “And there has to be one according to User Agreement?”

8.10 Sniper Scope By Arturick

WW2 Photos Part 20 (tanks only)

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Epic Win MT's

8.10 Sniper Scope By Andrey_Hard

8.11 Foch 155 Armor Changes