Sunday, January 26, 2014

8.11 - Redshire Changes

So Much Fail

8.11 - Erlenberg Changes


- Storm states that there are no confirmed reports on Hidden Village FPS drops
- Storm confirms: the tier 8 Soviet premium medium candidate is the light T-54
- Storm states that the FOV changes in the 8.11 test are how it’s supposed to be – the FOV until now was “not correctly made and we got used to it”
- developers fixed the bug where some 8.10 visual camo patters (SS: notably the Soviet summer ones) look too “washed out” – he is however not sure whether this fix will make it to 8.11
- apparently, SerB believes Chi-Ri was inspired by Germans (SS: ….which is true I think, gotta ask though)
- Chi-Ri based TD in WoT? “No comment on future branch development”
- even after the 8.11 upgrade, the WoT engine will be different from the one in WoWp
- developers are not commenting on what’s going on on Chinese servers (the Chinese can actually buy the VK7201 for 200 USD or so), Chinese business model is independent on Wargaming
- SerB states, that the garage battles for tier 10 tanks only is “one of the variants” – it’s not sure yet how many tanks will be required to be in your garage for such a battle, SerB will have a look at the statistics to see, how many tanks does an average player have in garage