Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Skin E-100

Skin E-100

Skin ISU-152

Skin FCM 50 t

Skin AMX 50100 Warhammer

Skin T-34-2

Skin T-34-85 (two variants)

Remodeling DickerMax


- there are no two arty lines for some nations (SS: Americans could get one) because “we don’t want it for now”
- apparently, TG (Tank Grotte) won’t be implemented anytime soon
- server doesn’t store data about previous manipulation with camo, camouflages, that were bought earlier for gold and “rewritten” will not be awarded retroactively in 8.11 (SS: as in, if you bought gold camo before 8.11 and “deleted” it by buying another camo of the same type for example, you won’t get it back)
- as confirmed before, the T23 premium tank will not have identical forward and reverse speeds (Q: “Why not?” A: “Common sense”)