Sunday, February 9, 2014

E-50M - 10 091 DMG


- Evilly: there will be an unified launcher for all WG games
- the leaver and AFK punishment system mentioned by Evilly should come in 9.1
- the captcha system, mentioned by Evilly would be like “if the amount of battles per day exceeds X, you will have to type captcha code before you can enter a battle”, this is just a concept – not a final decision
- there are pieces of the captcha code in the game files for quite a while, this is apparently made specifically for China

- Russian threads about bots were purged on RU forums, because a player cannot be 100 percent sure, whether the target is a bot or a human, apparently, bots caused a hysterical reaction across several communities
- players can actually influence developers (SS: there was a petition of 200k people apprently about CW, I don’t know any details, but it did influence the developers)
- official Wargaming position towards bots: “We admit problems with bots, Warpack etc., but the alleged number of 100k botters is not serious and greatly exaggerated. We admit they are in our game, but there is no massive infestation.”
- on average, work on an entire system (for example: arty rebalance) takes 6 months
- in 9.1 a system will be introduced, where AFK players, that move very little (this condition is made softer for slow vehicles), deal 0 damage and meet many more conditions, will recieve 0 XP and credits