Wednesday, February 12, 2014

8.11 Techno Hangar By 70599

8.11 Black Hangar By Hellinger

8.11 Warhammer Hangar By Urban_Fighter, BlooMeaT

8.11 Summer Hangar By Hellinger

8.11 Winter Hangar By Hellinger

Works As Intended Moment

Special thanks to XANDAR from forum for posting this priceless pic.
Hold on mate, it doesn't rain everyday...

8.11 New Year Hangar

8.11 Halloween Hangar

8.11 Korean Hangar

8.11 China Hangar

8.11 Armistice Day Hangar

8.11 Thanksgiving Hangar

8.11 WG Anniversary Hangar

8.11 TisBACK's Engines & Guns Mod

Download Link - Gun

Updated 01.04.14. (safe to use after the micro patch)

Download Link - Engine

Download Link - Gun

8.11 Zoom In/Out Mod

I have been having huge issues with the zoom in/out mod in 8.11. Unfortunately I cant make a zoom mod with removed shadow. But I managed to make a working zoom it/out mod x2-x30.

Huge THANKS to Luta Andre (ingame nick: visionE)

for making this version of the Zoom In/Out mod with NoScroll and Removed Shadow.

8.11 OMC Mod Pack

8.11 Clock In Hangar, Battle + Angles 2.4

8.11 Radial Menu v.2.5.7 + UT Announcer Gen 2

8.11 WOT Tweaker

Download Link

Updated 12.02.14.

Download Link 2

Updated 13.02.14.

Download Link

8.11 SF's Damage Panel + Hitlog

8.11 Chameleon Sniper & Arty Scope By Shtys + Bianko

8.11 Gun Constraints

8.11 Dutch Hangar

8.11 Compact Tank Tree

8.11 Bat Cave Hangar

8.11 Sound Mod

8.11 Berlin Garage

8.10 FOV

Not liking the new camera movement in 8.11. Well Hanabishi made this hot fix for the camera too look and feel like in 8.10.

8.11 Matchmaking