Thursday, February 13, 2014


- national battles as “assault” and “encounter” are not planned
- Storm on MM rules (why battletier 12 was removed): “MM tries to spread the tanks equally through their battletiers. That’s why tier 8′s are waiting in queue for tier 10′s in order to create battles of appropriate battletiers. More free tier 10 tanks means less waiting time for tier 8′s”

8.11 Safe Shot

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- Storm states that the fact artillery MM weight was reduced by 10 percent does not mean that artillery absolutely cannot appear as a top top vehicle of the team, it only means the chance of such a thing happening is much lower
- it is a known fact that WG support employees can be mistaken: recently, a player asked on RU forums whether the spall liner reduced chance of crew being wounded applies only to HE shells. The support employee answered that yes, but Storm states that it works for all shells.

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