Friday, February 14, 2014

Epic Win TD's

Epic Win MT's

Frozen Tank Depo


8.11 SF’s Complete Mod Pack

8.11 Base Circle


- apparently, the RU servers are suffering from the same lag issues as the EU ones (SS: good, that means it’s not EU-specific)
- Panzer IV will be grey even after the HD remodelling
- Storm confirms the leaked Panzer IV model as valid, it’s still in the “old quality” as “the last of the Mohycans” (SS: from 9.0 on models will come in new quality only apparently)
- HD Panzer IV model will not appear in 9.0
- apparently, Wargaming HD models will have more polygons than War Thunder models

8.11 Effective Armour Calculator (from MeltyMap's MathMod)

8.11 Tank Icons By xobotyi_by_galagan

8.11 Forest Hangar By AleksLee