Saturday, February 15, 2014



Lags - The Final Solution...

- it is now confirmed that the EU1 server was moved to Amsterdam
- this movement was not caused by the current issues! It was in the making for quite some time, as indicated by the fact it was done practically instantly, where the physical moving of the EU server would require days of downtime, while Wargaming simply switched to ID
- currently, EU1 is running on something that was previously “EU3″ and was prepared for this move, Russian sever RU3 is running on something that was unofficially designated EU4 (it was also moved from Munich)
- the reason both servers were moved from Munich to Amsterdam is unknown
- apparently, Wargaming servers are not the source of the lag issue, the routing is – a new route via Cogent (SS: whatever that is) was created and is in use. My contact’s words: “I suspect they’ve screwed up the BGP or the balancing on the new route” (I better quote it, I have no idea what that means)
- there is currently a massive DDOS attack going on, based on something called “NTP MONLIST”, Wargaming is not the target specifically, but this attack might be clogging the routes
- at this moment, WG RU in Minsk is directly involved in the situation, there is pretty much a gag order for the WG EU employees about it: even if they know, they aren’t allowed to tell you anything, that hasn’t been officially approved. Which takes time.

Gun Type Marks

Very useful skin mod. If the tank has the best (top) gun it will be marked with white lines. Makes your life much easier.

Hit Zones (regular and torrent download)

8.11 MeltyMap’s Math Mod

HI Picture Mod

To activate mod press F12.