Sunday, February 16, 2014


- Italian heavy line? “No comment”
- Italian ships will definitely appear in World of Warships and there is a chance there might also be Italian planes in WoWp
- the shell spread circle increase with distance is linear (SS: as in, if the spread at 100 meters is 0,3m, at 1000 meters it will be 3m)

8.11 Shty's Info Panel

Remodeling M5 Stuart

8.11 Kodos Hitlog & Damage Panel

8.11 Received Damage Announcer


- it will not be possible to pay for gold by Bitcoin. SerB: “No – and you won’t be able to pay with candy wrappers either.”
- apparently, more “old-style” Soviet premium vehicles (slow, well armored, like Matilda, KV-5, Valentine) will not be introduced (“there is enough of them in general as it is”)
- the fact a tank has specialized crew (SS: as in, if a commander is a gunner also, he can’t in real life do both things at the same time properly) or not is reflected in the vehicle’s characteristics
- if there ever is a WoT version for MacOS, Android and *nix systems, it will most likely have simplified graphics, but no more info for now