Wednesday, February 26, 2014


- roaming coming until summer? “Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that. When it’s done it’s done”
- during roaming, the packets will go “directly to the regional server” after logging on your “home” server
- roaming will be available in the beginning only for WoT
- WoWp will get another RU server “when the time is right”, multicluster mechanism will be introduced in one of the upcoming patches
- SerB states that the differences between actual battle FPS and the replay of the same battle FPS on the same computer should theoretically be negligible
- the E50M mantlet is covering a large hole, so basically the thickness of the mantlet is just 185mm
- no exact conditions for recieving bans after 8.11 will be disclosed, as it would allow players to make strategies for teamdamaging/teamkilling safely without punishment

8.11 Neon Tank Icons

Epic Win TD's