Thursday, February 27, 2014

Epic Win MT's

Indestructible Objects

Not all buildings in the WoT can be destroyed. But not all of them are visibly different from the destructible buildings. This mod will help you choose if some object is destructible or indestructible cover for your tank.

Make Your Own Paper Tank

8.11 Arty Scope By garnet_auxo

9.0 Very Close...

- historical battles mode (Kursk, Balaton operation, Ardennes)
- graphic changes: new shaders, allowing for more realistic graphic sufaces (wood, metal etc.)
- following models will be available in HD: T-34/85, IS, T-54, Panther, Tiger I, Maus, Sherman, Hellcat, M103, Churchill I, Centurion 7/1, Tortoise
- turrets flying off during ammo rack explosion
- active independent suspension (each wheel reacting on surface)
- new graphic settings window
- fixed following maps for better gameplay balance: Serene Coast, Pearl River, Malinovka, Severogorsk
- improved soundtrack quality