Monday, March 3, 2014


- more detailed voiceover system regarding hits (helping players to figure out what happened) will be introduced relatively soon
- it’s not yet 100 percent decided that the national battles (confrontation mode) will be removed
- there are no plans to introduce new functions (SS: to buff) premium account
- there are no plans to change the Ruinberg map
- no special development is running regarding the loss of synchronisation between server and client, Storm states these issues are not caused by Wargaming, but by ISP’s
- for now, the exact list of tanks for various historical battles won’t be disclosed
- no exact details for “clan bases” will be disclosed yet
- Storm doesn’t know exactly, when (if) the arty aim circle gets fixed
- in 8.11, module crit chance did not change
- no plans to buff IS-6 penetration