Thursday, March 6, 2014

Epic Win MT's


- wheeled vehicles will not be implemented (SS: in connection with the new truck motion from the physics video)
- when “hiding” behind rubble from destroyed buildings, your silhouette will be visible normally
- it will be possible to knock down the turret-mounted machineguns from tanks
- in the Kursk historical battle, it will be possible to use current tier 7 Panther
- turrets will become “solid” only once the ammo rack explodes (SS: as in, the fact the turrets that fly off get to be solid does not mean your turret will be prevented from rotating by an obstacle, in other words – nothing will change)
- debris from destroyed buildings will not affect vehicle camouflage
- debris from buildings will not damage tanks – at least in the first round of physics implementation
- BigAngryCat (SS: some sort of WG RU guy – sorry, no idea what is his position) states that the screen settings leak is obsolete, there are some settings missing, such as the FOV setting for example
- it will not be apparently possible to make (and save) your own graphics preset according to Storm
- the “dynamic resolution” in the settings is “a change (reduction) of 3d image resolution, while keeping the GUI resolution the same”, for example GUI (interface, letters etc.) can be in 1920*1080 resolution, while the ground is in 800*600 resolution

Skin STB-1

8.11 Hit Zones By Nooben (Korean Random), Mr 13, Наглый Котэ, Paladin_Tank