Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Personal Note from Me

 You probably noticed that lately I have little or nothing to post. Well I'm not getting lazy, I still do check twice a day my stealing list. Unfortunately there is no new content to be stolen.


- the question, how the European tech tree crew nationality will work, was not decided yet
- wrong icons in today’s historical battles info are simply placeholders
- both teams in historical battles can have different amount of tanks
- the setups of vehicles in historical battles released today, are NOT final, they are just concepts, it’s too early for final setup versions according to the developers (SS: it was mentioned that for example the M10/Panther could appear in Ardennes campaign)
- Tiger in historical battles will not have the L/71, but the 88mm L/56
- historical battles will work like a different mode, they will not be a random battle mode like encounter, assault and confrontation
- according to Storm, 9.0 will bring two major features: updated (HD) tanks and historical battles
- 9.0 test will not come this week (SS: end of the month/beginning of April for now)
- apprently the “hotspot” of 9.0 will be the comparison between WG and War Thunder HD models

 -Storm confirms that a part of the tanks in the game will have real sounds, recorded from real existing tanks of the proper type. The rest will have apparently sounds from roughly the same class of tanks (analogues)
- according the Wargaming, the following situation is not a bug, but a result of shells originating (flying out) from the mantlet while shooting with the unaimed gun

- apparently, the situation above is a result of a compromise between game mechanics and historical realism
- occasional desynchronisation between client and server is unavoidable with current state of world network development
- artillery shells flying outside of the aim circle was identified as a bug, it will be fixed in 9.0
- Russian “Valuev” voiceover will not be reworked

8.11 Deegie Sniper And Arty Scope (latest version)