Thursday, March 13, 2014

8.11 Over Target Enemy Reload Marker By LSDMAX

8.11 HARDScope By Andrey Hard, KobkaG

Skin Hetzer


- Tiger P and Tiger H having different depression while using the same turret is a bug, it will be fixed
- there is a chance Sacred Valley will not return to random battles: Storm posted that it’s being reworked, but it’s a complicated case, so it’s not sure they will succeed
- Q: “Can we trust your answers in this thread?” A: “Of course not”
- the amount of maps available to new players on low tiers is limited in order for them to get used to the game better
- shader changes in 9.0 on HD tanks will be noticeable a lot
- currently, developers are focusing on releasing 9.0, but when it’s out, they will focus on reworking the vegetation (grass and trees) render
- the amount of HDtanks-per-patch will increase by every patch, the first batch in 9.0 consists of 12 tanks only, because the entire system of tank modelling was changed and it takes a while to get used to the new system
- Wargaming developed a “library” of common model parts, so it doesn’t happen that one tank has different-looking D-10T gun than another tank for example