Friday, March 14, 2014


- according to the developers, 8.11 TD nerf caused the decrease of amount of TD’s in hightier battles
- according to the developers, the TD situation is like this: in the beginning, TD’s were actually quite unpopular despite their alpha and camo advantage and that changed only with the big arty nerf, where a certain number of artillery players transferred to TD’s

First Blood Sound Mod From Unreal Tournament

White Dead Tanks Mod - Legal Or Ilegal

Some of you had probably seen the FTR post on illegal mods LINK. I was surprised to see white dead tanks mod on the forbidden list for EU server. Surprised why? Well this mod is included in almost every mod pack posted on the WG official forum...
My next step, ask customer support. This is the answer:

I asked again, with detail description of what dead white tanks mod is, the answer:

Skin Excelsior


- optimization of World of Tanks is being conducted continuously
- there is no need to rebalance arty in general apparently
- choosing your team setup for maps in team battles will come after 9.0
- current amount of arties in battles is 1-3 per team
- it’s not yet sure, whether confrontation will be completely scrapped or just temporarily disabled – Storm states that in order to work, it needs its MM fixed and there are no resources to do that for now