Friday, March 21, 2014

9.0 Screen Shots


Skin FV4202 105


- first round of British HD models: Centurion Mk.7 and Tortoise
- Churchill HD will come after 9.0, just like IS
- for now, premium Churchill will not participated in historical battles – maybe later
- the new HD hangar consists of real life elements, it was done according to real hangars and repair shops
- on the HD models, tracks are not dirty from mud by default, because “muddy tracks looks really strange on sand and snow”
- it’s possible the lists of vehicles for 9.0 historical battles might not be final (SS: Nashorn missing for example)
- non-premium new hangar will not appear in 1st round of test, it’s still being worked on
- night battles were completely removed (“players couldn’t see shit”)