Wednesday, April 2, 2014

8.11 Total HP Per Team Indicator by Locastan


- in test 3, HD Centurion 7/1 should appear
- gun damage (alpha) is an arbitrary number, two guns of the same caliber do not have to have the same alpha
- the same gun can have different rates of fire in different vehicles, the difference lies in “setup of the combat compartment”
- in current round of 9.0 test, there is a bug where users of AMD processor PC’s suffer from disconnects, this will be fixed in next round of test

Keep Karl in World of Tanks?

Hello everyone,
there has been an initiative (and I am not sure, whether it comes from US or EU server) to actually keep the Karl (plus the labyrinth map minigame) in World of Tanks after the three day period it was programmed to appear in.
A petition can be found here, to this date, it reached 3657 signatures
Just thought you might want know about it, you know, if you are a fan of the thing. Personally, while it’s fun once or twice, watching two Karls chasing one another for 3 minutes around one block of bricks kinda “cured” me of this mode, but maybe it’s the fact I didn’t play this Battlecity game as a child :)