Thursday, April 3, 2014


- for now, a hardcap on SU-152′s in Kursk battle has not been implemented
- this year, Chinese and Japanese TD’s and SPG’s will definitely not come
- Storm states that in order to implement historical battles like Korea and Middle East, you have to implement the crews of the nations, that fought there, it would look really strange to have Soviet crews in Yom Kippur or American crews in Indo-Pakistani conflict, that’s why Korean historical battles will likely not come for now
- collecting the info on new Chinese vehicles is going very, very slowly, WG is instead focusing on re-work of existing vehicles to HD

WW2 Photos Part 25 (tanks only)

8.11 KT Hangar Manager (if you DON'T like the new hangar from WG)

You can do following things with this:

- Activate / Deactivate WG Event Hangars
- Switch your Basic / Premium Hangar, with or without Audio / Ambiente Effects.
- Bring back the Custom Hangar "hangar_ch" function, so you must not deinstall
your custom hangar, if you will use "Standard" Hangar again.
- Allow you to set all Hangar Music / Ambiente strings
- Expert settings (e.g. set path to Basic / Premium Hangar)

Skin Object 140

Remodeling T110E4

More HD