Saturday, April 5, 2014

:) Sorry Folks There Is Nothing To Post, Waiting For 9.0...

WW2 Photos Part 26 (tanks only)

The World of Tanks Bonus Code Giveaway

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- the “twitching” (moving by jerks) of minimap tank icons (they don’t move smoothly) is intended in order to save traffic
- apparently the current latest Tiger HD model is correct, when it comes to size
- apparently, Murovanka in 9.0 is still quite dark, because its lighting wan’t fixed yet
- M103 HD roadwheels are still sort of “rectangular” (they have visible edges, they aren’t completely round) because it is a necessery simplification: there are many smaller roadwheels on M103 and making them smoother would require much more resources
- latest test hangar is still not optimized for best FPS
- the HD Centurion side plates are scratched, because in real life they were easy to scratch
- 9.0 autoaim (aiming lower than in 8.11) is intended and will be implemented
- some models have worse visual quality of tracks in hangar than in combat, this will be fixed