Sunday, April 6, 2014


- apparently, one of the least popular jobs for support crews is restoring stolen accounts, because every item has to be checked and restored manually (that’s why it takes so much time)
- using profanities in tickets unofficially leads to support staff giving them lower priority/ignoring them altogether
- it’s poitless to ask support to add awards you feel you are entitled to (achievements, heroes of battle etc.), they can’t do that (only high level developers apparently can)

WW2 Photos Part 27 (tanks only)

Epic Win MT's

Panther In HD (hello sexy)


Unhappy Customer

I need your thoughts on this subject:

Do we continue the "I Love This Game" Award ? For some reason some "people" find this offending. Here is an example of a unhappy customer:

I'm still testing ways to have below 500 WN8 rating. Alcohol - not working. 10 fps - not working. Playing with one eye closed - not working. Playing with one hand - not working. Using only HE  (tanks and TD's) - not working.

There must be a scientific explanation how they do it after 10k games...

Pls comment, cuz I feel this will be the main subject of the blog until 9.0 comes out :)

This just appeared around 20:30 today, message received:

Dear pl_siema, I would love to meet you in person on skype and get your ingame nick so I can personally donate you 1000 gold (not a joke). You won the contest !!! More than 200 players participated, but you my friend are awesome...

Oh we have a winner of epic proportions: