Tuesday, April 8, 2014


- the camo/visibility/spotting system was developed from the beginning of World of Tank development (SS: eg. it wasn’t introduced later)
- HD model of the T34 (premium heavy) gun will have gas ejector (SS: only visual change, no change in game)
- there is an internal counter in World of Tanks about how many trees you brought down – this was implemented a long time ago, when there was a developer idea to implement a special “medal” for bringing the trees down. In the end, they decided not to implement it, but the counter stayed.
- there was some confusion about the “raw XP” counter in World of Tanks. Apparently, from 0.8.8 patch onwards, there are “additional data” available for each vehicle (via API interface), such as “raw XP” (XP without premium account). These statistics are not in the client, they have to be enabled by using XVM and some Russian players were confused, because they didn’t know about it. Developers stated that this has been around for a while and that it’s a thing they don’t consider very important. Apparently, this won’t be implemented into the regular (non-modded) game.

Russia Arena Active Protection System - Tier 11 Gold Equipment :)