Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Tank Inspector

Tank Inspector is a program used to view stats and armor layouts of tanks and then compare those to other tanks.

Small Armour Changes







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- the option to set your activity status in chat (DND, AFK etc.) will be implemented
- new chat is developed, but it was seriously delayed, because it’s difficult to make it work for a million people at once
- an indepenedent, separate client only for chatting with WoT/WoWp users is planned, based on HMRR protocol
- “simulator mode” (hardcore mode without hitpoints): “If we ever do such a thing, it will have minimal priority, in other words ‘hell if I know when.”
- ETA on fortifications? “I won’t say exact time not to jinx it, but quite soon”
- there is a plan to make currently useless skills and equipment more useful, developers are thinking about now
- regarding wishes for large flat maps: “And you have played such maps before? Shooting two pixels is not fun. We tested that many times.”

FTR's Hall of Shame No More…

WHY !!!

BitnikGr YouTube Chanel

This man has it all... The best Russian documentaries all subtitled, all awesome, check him out if you love interesting history facts. BitnikGr - YouTube

8.11 Battlefield 3 Sniper Scope

Remodeling E100

Remodeling Leopard 1