Friday, April 11, 2014

Kebab BBQ IS-3


WW2 Photos Part 29 (tanks only)


- in 9.1, LT’s starting from tier 4 will have their MM spread limited
- the reason why balance issues in random battles are not solved by increasing the MM weight if that respective tank is that increasing the MM weight doesn’t make players play that vehicle any less. This can be partially observed in the HB mode.
- Q: “Was it considered to implement a mode, where there would be no bases and the battle would be won only by killing everyone?” A: “T95 GMC on one team and T71 on the other are not amused”
- damage model changes in WoT? Storm: “And who needs that?”
- apparently, Edrard’s wot-news cehicle statistics are wrong (Storm: “This is not statistics, but god knows what”)
- for now it is not known how (if) gold ammo will be rebalanced, developer opinions differ
- the 25 percent RNG is “optimal for WG playerbase” and won’t be changed
- there will not be a common server for EU and RU players (“wait for roaming”)