Sunday, April 13, 2014

A True WW2 Tattoo

Just found this here and I'm blow away...

Physics Gone Wild

WW2 Photos Part 30 (tanks only)

XVM Problems ?

In new versions to use statistics in XVM you should activate it in your personal cabinet at official website of XVM.

Registration is not required, because ID is used for authorization.


- Storm on why the autoaim was changed in 9.0: “Current autoaim in cases of some vehicles (especially open SPG’s) sometimes aims at “empty space” around the vehicle and not at the vehicle itself. We fixed this by introducing new point where the autoaim is aiming. It won’t affect penetration chances.”
- rebalance of maps especially for historical battles is not planned
- it’s possible that “assault” and “encounter” modes will appear in historical battles
- it’s completely technically possible to implement skill/perks, working only under special conditions (for example perks specially for autoloader tanks, for TD’s etc.)
- regarding the alleged “arty nerf”, posted by Storm – he claims he was misinterpreted by “guide-makers, who misinterpret him because they are hunting for sensations” (SS: nothing implied sarcasm and what he wrote was very clear, anyway – Storm was probably referring to either Murazor or Jove). No arty nerf is planned for now, but it will definitely not recieve any buff, Storm states that statistically, everything is alright with arty
- apparently, there is a Russian social group on Vkontakte (VK, Russian Facebook) called “Women against World of Tanks” with like 7000 members, claiming that WoT destroys marriages because some men play too much (SS: no, this is not trolling, this really exists)
- one interesting thing I learned from EU/US. I won’t cite the source (he specifically asked not to), but according to internal WG EU data, World of Warplanes is actually doing fine on EU server, its popularity is rising. It’s the RU server, that has issues in this case, not the EU one (you might have seen the FTR post about the “failure of WoWp” – the graph in it referred to RU). I still think it’s a shitty game tho.