Monday, April 14, 2014


- no special rewards for hardcore players are planned (best of the best should go to e-sports and win real money)
- WG fill focus on CW and e-sports (CW – more casual version will be the fortifications)
- tactical tablet for CW is planned (SS: a map where commander can draw tactics and such)
- bitcoin support not planned
- WOWS: 10-15 min battles, has to be spectacular, it’s possible that WOWS beta will be until the end of this year
- all models in WoT will be reworked to HD, hopefully until the end of the year (SS: not really)
- Sturmtiger: maybe it will appear, but not high priority
- people loved the Karl mode
- Type 59 won’t go back in shop (will be kept as special prize)

- WG 80 million users worldwide
- patch 9.0 lays down the ground for future updates (by introducing the HD standard)
- connection of WG to museums and such, because “we remember our history and are proud of it”