Wednesday, April 16, 2014

9.0 J1mB0's Crosshair Mod & XVM Config


9.0 Premium Hangar

I'm sure you're aware that you can find a lot of premium hangar mods out there. So, why is this special?
Because with this mod, your tank will face in the right direction!
The tank's facing direction is different if you have a standard or a premium account (technically, the garage's direction is opposite). So if you're a standard user and you swap some files to get the premium hangar, your tank won't face towards the exit, as it is in the original premium garage... unless with some tricks, which this mod uses :)

9.0 Xft DamagePanel + Integrated Hitlog v0.7

9.0 WoT Tweaker Plus (texture compression included)

Just as useful as the regular WoT tweaker with one HUGE plus. This thing can compress textures for slow PC's.

9.0 SeaFalcon's Complete Mod Pack


9.0 RVT Vertical Tech Tree

9.0 Max Farplane Mod

9.0 Zoom Out Mod

9.0 OMC ModPack Installer

9.0 White Dead Tanks

As you know this mod is banned on EU server. So, be aware...

9.0 XVM Updater 2.7

9.0 Minimalistic Sights

9.0 WOT Tweaker (multilingual)

9.0 Scope Shadow Removal By Locastan

9.0 Paint Ball Mod

9.0 Deegie’s Sights

9.0 Team HP Pool Bar

9.0 Allied Silouhettes Always ON By Locastan

9.0 Locastans Enh. HD Minimap Gen 3

9.0 Radial Menu v.2.5.7 + UT Announcer Gen 2

9.0 Damage Panel 1.3.4 Centered And Vanilla

9.0 Clock In Hangar, Battle + Angles 2.4