Thursday, April 17, 2014

9.0 15 Meter Ingame Circle By CMD_Storm

9.0 Deegie's Sniper Scope Remastered

9.0 Automatic Fire Extinguisher By Roughneck


Automatic fire extinguisher mod for WoT very useful modification allows you to save time and money (silver). Of course now you can buy automatic fire extinguisher for 20,000 silver, but why spend money when you can make automatic fire extinguisher out of the ordinary. This saves money, and it works much earlier automatic. That is, you still save HP and if you're lucky, all modules will remain intact. This provides a significant advantage over other players, and this is what we want. This modification changes the script of the game so that when the fire as soon as the first tank will lose health points normal work and eliminates fire extinguisher.

9.0 China Tank Female Crews

9.0 PoVitter Damage Indicator

9.0 Vlad III Futuristic Sniper Scope


9.0 IMPERATOR77 Damage Panel


9.0 6th Sense Icon - SerB Sun

9.0 Sniper Scope From SEA Server


9.0 Killerente94 Damage Panel

9.0 Witaminchek Sniper Scope


9.0 Bianco Sniper Scope


9.0 Frant Sniper Scope


9.0 No Intro Video Mod

9.0 AutoEquip Mod

9.0 MeltyMap Armour Calculator

9.0 BioNick`s Sniper Scope


9.0 Chesssman Aim Circle


9.0 WOT-KA Forbidden Mods Pack


Mod contains:

1. Automatic repair, fire extinguisher, med kit.
2. Indigo Mod - tundra mod (removes foliage in sniper mod), X-raz mod (let's you see target contours behind objects).
3. Server mod - remembers last selected server.
4. Gun Direction Mod for minimap.
5. White Track's - tracked vehicles get white tracks - easier to spot.
6. Laser Mod
7. Arty Scope for tanks and TD's and free camera

9.0 Colored Tracers Mod


9.0 Shty's Info Panel

9.0 Shty's - Damage Panel With Taken Damage History Log

9.0 Big Hot Keys For Consumables

9.0 Tank Icons By Betax

9.0 SafeShot Mod

9.0 J1mB0′s Contour Icon Mod

9.0 Macheene Info Panel


- 25 percent RNG was implemented, because according to Storm, “this number optimally simulates real life”
- ammo explosion ripping off the turret of tanks depends on the remaining amount of ammunition in the rack – if there is none, there is nothing to explode
- it’s too early to discuss next year’s April Fools (SS: yes, people ask such stuff)
- Storm states that the situation where one tank of one tier goes into another tank of the same tier (SS: in this case 38T into StuG III B) might appear again with the introduction of new tanks
- no work on specifically 64bit client is conducted
- can a tank “catch” a shell (as in, tank moving faster than the shell catching it from behind)? “If the movement trajectory of the shell intersects with the tank collision model, there will be an armor penetration check”
- Q: “Between the opponents and proponents of the Confrontation mode, who won?” A: “Wargaming”

9.0 HardScope By Andrey Hard, KobkaG (thanks to Jakub Dudziak)


9.0 Hell Minimal Hangar Mod By Hellinger

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Hangar too dark solution:

Hi guys! I'm from SiemaPL-land too ;)

I had problem with darkness in that hangar like U... It was frustrating to me but i found solution... everything is about overwrite 2 files.

U have to overwirte "hangar_premium.xml" & "hell.xml" using this file:

If u want to download my fixed version u can take it from this link:

If u want contact me write me at WoT page or ingame chat, have a good day and have fun! :)

Greatings from SiemaPL-land

9.0 Session Stats By Tratatank

9.0 Base To Premium Hangar Mod

9.0 Old Premium Hangar

9.0 Female Tank Crews


9.0 Mjölnir Sniper Scope By Kriegstreiber


9.0 Metallist95 Damage Panel

9.0 _TEZ_ Arty Scope

9.0 Two Row Carousel By Locastan

9.0 Himicats Damage Indicator


9.0 Damage Indicator


9.0 Glo Sniper Scope


9.0 Gun Constraints DIKEY93

9.0 Blue Sniper Scope

9.0 Andrey Tareev's Sniper Scope


9.0 Blue Sniper Scope


9.0 White Sniper And Arty Scope


9.0 TAIPAN Sniper And Arty Scope


9.0 Gun Constraints

9.0 6th Sense - The Eye of Sauron