Saturday, April 19, 2014

9.0 3D Tanks Icons By _Centurion

9.0 Team Roughneck's Gun Sights v2 (huge thanks to Dragan Mitrovic for finding this)

9.0 Demon2597 Sniper Scope


9.0 Compressed Textures

Updated: 11.06.14.

9.1 Compressed Textures

Updated: 25.04.14.

Source Link

Just found this version with much lower compression. Installation: download, unpack to "game location\World Of Tanks\res\packages\", run .exe file, wait for the command prompt window to close.

Original post from 09.04.14.

Step 1:

Select the compression that You think is best for your PC and download:

.exe download links (if you want to use these DL links start from setup from step 1):

25% Download Link

12.5% Download Link

6% Download Link download links (if you download from, start setup from step 2/picture 3) :

25% Download Link

12.5% Download Link

6% Download Link

Then you select the download link, you will receive a .exe file:

 Open that file and it will start the download to your PC:

9.0 Despicable Me Sound Mod

  1. Copy folder "audio" from "WOT/res/" to "WOT/res_mods/0.9.0/".
  2. Copy downloaded folder "audio" to "WOT/res_mods/0.9.0/" accept if overwriting is requested.

9.0 Zoom mod, ZoomX, NoScroll, ServerCross by Koshnaranek


- Storm states that making this selection as a setting in the settings window is not an option, the needed solution is for the system to enable/disable this automatically and half of players don’t visit settings anyway
- furthermore (related to the above), this setting can actually hurt performance, so it’s better not to add it
- there will be a programming (SS: shader) fix for the “tanks are too bright” bug for the improved render, old render will be fixed by adding (old?) shaded textures (SS: if I understand it correctly, no promises)
- in 9.0, minimal setting textures look even uglier than before (SS: worse resolution?), this is intentional in order to save FPS on very weak computers
- the performance increase in 9.0 test 1 (and later drop in test 2) was caused by the fact that in test 1, shadows were not rendered correctly, this was later fixed
- Storm confirms that disabling the multicore option (as mentioned in this post) will not fix the crash bug