Sunday, April 20, 2014

9.0 Jove Mod Pack (finally an English version)

Mod pack from the famous RU player Jove. (Russian version a QuckyBaby and MightyJingles).

P- MoD v3 By P0LIR0ID

Fully customized commanders camera
Fully customized zoom (in/out, stepping, total zoom)
NoScroll and mouse wheel setup 
Scope shadow customization
Camera stabilization 
Last chosen server mod
Fully customized zoom indicator 
Fully customized sensitivity for arty and arcade mode
Fully customized zoom on SHIFT
Increases the display time of 6th sense icon
old FOV
Commanders camera pre battle mod and after death mod. 

9.0 Favorite Tank Skin NOT Working ?

As you probably notices not one of the old tank skins that you used works in 9.0. Well, here is the fix:

Let's use T-62A skin as an example. Before 9.0 the files in the skin folder looked like this:

Now they need to look like this:

So all you need to do is add "_AM" to the actual tank skin and to the crash skin.
Now, this will work for the regular (non HD models) tank's. For Т-34-85, Т-54, Panther, Tiger I, Maus, M4 Sherman, Hellcat, M103, Centurion Mk. 7/1 and Tortoise this method will result in smudged dark (useless) skin.

Source Link

Suggestion by a blog visitor:
Auto rename batch file .dds

Copy the downloaded file to vehicle folder and double click the batch file, this will automaticly add the"_AM" part.
Download Link

Happy Easter !!!

Happy Easter fellow tankers !!!
Best wishes to You and Your families from PlazmaKeks...

9.0 Blue Damage Indicator

9.0 Hit Zones

9.0 Tundra Trainer 3in1


Q - removes tree tops, bushes. Tree trunks remain as they are.
F2 - Removes everything.
F3 - Removes everything just in sniper mod.

How to use it: start the game; start the mod; when you are sniping activate the effect that you need; then turn the effect back on.

9.0 Doc´s Extra Bright Premium Wheel Camo Mod

9.0 ModSettings API By 4lCapwn and CS2001

ModSettings modifies WoT's settings-window and adds a new tab for mods. the API provided by ModSettings currently covers these features:

  • Mods can request their own personal panel on the mods tab
  • Mods may design their panel completely as they like
  • ModSettings provides a session-persistant storage of settings