Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WW2 Photos Part 32 (tanks only)


- 9.0 FPS loss? Inconclusive, differs from case to case, hotfix is planned:
Any issues that players are experiencing with 9.0 we’d ask that they please contact our support team who can look into their specific circumstances. We have a few things being worked on atm and plan to release a micro patch which should resolve some issues. It’s important to people report their issue to our support team so we can accurately measure who is affected and filter out people who have the same issues from the people who have a different issue but just go with the flow and say they have the same problem.
- the hotfix will allegedly come this week
- there are tier 5-8 premium UK tanks planned, tier 8 will possibly come this year
- Havok: 9.2 or 9.3
- Evilly on lowtier tanks in HB: “…we have some ideas about LT role in HB.”
- HB long queues? “We know the problem, working to resolve this issue.”
- Evilly’s favourite tank to replace the FV4202 on tier 10 is Chieftain
- it’s not yet decided whether Neubaufahrzeug and Grosstraktor will become regular premium or reward/promo tanks
- benchmark mode in WoT? “Use tutorial”

9.0 Remodeling Maus