Sunday, May 4, 2014

Gnomefather's Engines And Gun Sound Mod 0.52

You just can't fix tomato's...

"Warrior of the month" club is going to be changed. Why ? Well, I don't know how or why but I see more and more epic oranges (10+k, below 500 WN8) in random battles. To be honest with you, this weekend I gathered some 80+ screen shoots. Too much oranges - boring... We can all conclude that "I Play For Fun" fellows are breeding and we will see more and more of them.
But I got some really exquisite tomato's. I edited my XVM and now every time I enter a game with fellows like this they have a tomato logo next to them.

Let's see what we got:
(btw, I'm just dying to hear excuses why are they so f*** red.)

9.0 Hellinger Minimal Hangar Mod (huge THANKS to Dumadidak for finding this)


9.0 Black Hangar By Hellinger (reworked by Dumadidak)


Moson Model Show 2014

9.0 Historic Engine Sounds v.0.493 (found by darkowozzd from SK forum)

Author: Gnomefather, Nelumbo
Description: This mod was created to improve the sound of the engines of tanks in World of Tanks, which are close in sound to their historical counterparts. Make the game more atmospheric, due to more precise and diverse engine sounds.

9.0 Historic Guns Sounds v.1.863 (found by darkowozzd from SK forum)

In this mod includes sounds from instruments such games and additions thereto as:
1. Forgotten Hope 2.45 for Battlefield 2
2. Forgotten Hope 0.7 for Battlefield 1942
3. Forgotten Hope Secret Weapons 0.42 for Battlefield 1942
4. Battlefield 1942
5. Battlegroup 42 1.8 for Battlefield 1942


9.0 Render Model Mod


All (visible) enemy tanks have constant yellow contour.

9.0 Chameleon Mod

Update 13.05.14.:

"No modifications shall be created which, according to, bring undesirable changes to the gameplay of Games. The list includes, but is not limited to: (...)

Explicit highlighting of game objects that may seem dangerous as non-hazardous (e.g., white textures on destroyed tanks)." Source: 

This is maybe illegal...

Stay the enemy in the middle from dead Tanks it is hard to see what is the enemy Tank!
In this Situation press NumPad2 and give the enemy tank colors !

Is the enemy not longer spotted you can see the shadow 5sek longer from the enemy Tank!

and with numPad3 you can aktivate allways contour from the enemy Tank

In the config you can change the shadow display time and the hotkeys!

In default is atm all funktions from this mod off!